Armand Williams

Armand Williams
Wide Receiver

I was raised in a single parent household with two siblings and we were sort of semi-Christian, I guess you could say. It wasn’t that important to my mom that we went to church, but I went with my grandmother and spent time with her on Sundays, because she always went to church.

During high school, I attended many Fellowship of Christian Athletes events, almost every one of the Fridays before our football games. I don’t feel I put myself totally into Jesus Christ until I was 17 years old, during my senior year of high school before the homecoming game. I gave my heart and soul and everything to Him because I didn’t think I had done that just by going to FCA or to church every now and then.

Once I got to college, I felt like I got off the road of reading the Bible and staying strong in my faith. About two months into school, when I started struggling athletically in football, I decided to give myself back to reading the Bible. I found that there have been situations where I would go to an FCA meeting, read some Scriptures and feel so enlightened. I found I could take my athleticism to a whole new level once I got back on track with God.

Because I placed my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, he has taken me to a different height in my life. God has taken me through some challenging situations, like being in foster care during my senior year. After giving God the opportunity to take over my life, I feel like He’s really brightening my future and showing me what I can do with the rest of my life, not just these four years at LSU.

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