Chazz Anderson

Chazz Anderson

Achieving greatness was the priority I grew up with. In all I did, I was driven to accomplish everything life had to offer. In football, academics, and relationships, I worked with a 100 percent effort; and it was all for the purpose of being great and creating a personal legacy for my individual pleasure, power and popularity. God was Someone I utilized when I had a need I couldn't meet myself. He was in many ways my personal rabbit's foot.

During high school, while riding in the car with my mother, I sat reflecting on all I had accomplished so far, and realized—so what? Did it all really matter? It was at that time I was reminded about my personal relationship with God. As a young boy, I had received Christ's free gift of forgiveness and eternal life. I knew that I needed to pursue that relationship with the same 100 percent effort that I had with the other things in my life.

I also realized that achieving greatness is not how much effort I put into something. It's utilizing what God has gifted me and blessed me with to serve Him and to serve others. Now I realize what God's purpose is for my life, what I'm here to do and what I need to do to achieve greatness in His eyes.

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