My name is Chris Walker and my life has been changed.

With all the tough times in my life, GOD has always seen me through. My parents divorced when I was five. At 16 my best friend died in a car wreck. What tough times are you going through?

As kid, I gave my life to Christ, but I didn’t really understand how to have a true relationship with Him. Then I began to find my identity and significance through sports. I thought success in sports defined who I was. Then at 16, the biggest trial in my life hit. To see my best friend, Chris Mosby, taken so quickly and easily in December 2005 caused me to look at my priorities. Through his death, I realized that my life is not my own, but I should live to glorify God EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Life is short and I want my life to count for something that lasts. Life is more important than just football; it’s all about JESUS CHRIST!! Every day is a gift. Every game is a gift. I’ve learned not to take that for granted. God has brought me through so much and I am grateful. When I make a big play you might see me point to the sky. I do this to thank God for the friendship I had with Chris and to thank God for the opportunity to use my talents for His glory. The phrase that I live by is “Live Life Out L.O.U.D.”

Let everyone know

Over and over

U‘ve got the victory

Don’t you understand

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