David Neville

David Neville

My parents divorced when I was about two years old so my sister and I stayed with my father. During that first year things were pretty rough for us but after awhile my father met my now step-mother and they have been married ever since. I was blessed to be raised by great God-fearing parents who always brought me to church with them.

When I look back through my life I realize that I was a pretty good child. I didn’t get into too much trouble and I was pretty respectful of my parents. When I went away to college I began to branch out on my own and I realized that I really wanted to see what was available out there. I mainly just put myself in places where I didn’t need to be and in relationships with people that I didn’t need to have. I never drank or smoked but I hung around with people that did.

During the summer of my sophomore year I realized that I was partying all the time and God began to convict my soul. I began to feel convicted every time I was out, experiencing a lack of peace, and always feeling paranoid about the places I was at. It seemed as though every time I would go to a party a fight would break out. I knew that I wasn’t supposed to be in that type of place.

One day I was sitting in my roommate’s living room and I was watching a Christian conference on TV and God began to speak to me. I knew at that moment I needed to change my life around. You see, at that moment I had the Christian “label” and was going to church but I wasn’t striving to live my life totally for Him. From that time on I have sought God’s face (to know Him better and grow closer to Him) and I am trying my best to live for Him.

During the year of 2005 several of my Christian friends repeatedly told me that I would be a preacher and I knew that is what God had called me to do, but I ran from it until one night at a communion service God [stopped me] and said I couldn’t run any longer.

So now I am in the place where I am serving God in the ministry at church as well as using my athletic gifts to worship and glorify Him. I always seek to give my races my all. I strive to do my best all of the time. Even if I don’t win I am competing to glorify God. I practice hard everyday knowing that God has blessed me with this gift to run and if I don’t use it to my best ability then I am not honoring God with what he has given me. Now I am [a follower] of Jesus Christ and I am not ashamed!