My walk with the Lord has come about very gradually. I had always recognized there was God, [but] I did not know about Jesus or how to have a relationship with Him. 

My dad was head baseball coach at Oklahoma State University. We did not go to church much because my dad was always working – including on weekends – and we were [usually] going to the stadium to support him and the team. However, I feel I was raised in a great family. I had an extremely blessed childhood.

[Beginning in my rookie season,] I had a lot of people come into my life sharing their faith with me. There were individuals who mentored me and helped me realize I needed Jesus, [and that] the only way to true life is through Jesus.

My faith in Jesus has shaped how I handle my family, how I am a friend, how I am a teammate, how I handle all the things I do in my life and how I list my priorities. How you represent Jesus in the way you live your life is the best way to share Christ. Jesus puts all things in proper perspective. It has allowed me to live a lot freer.

I like the book of Job. Much of Job is about trials and struggles, but also [about] understanding that God is God and we are not.

The tattoo on my arm is Job 38:4: “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Tell Me, if you understand.”

We are not going to understand His ways sometimes, but we must remain faithful as Job. Job 36:26 says, “How great is God – beyond our understanding!” Playing this game offers struggles at times. You have anxiety when you put pressure on yourself to perform, as well as [the struggle to] not get caught up in your worth or who you are [as a pro baseball player].

Players [like everyone else] often feel the need for approval from other people besides Jesus. For me [now], the most important – and only – thing that really matters is Jesus accepts me.

[The future for a Christian] is eternity with the King! I see my relationship with Christ leading me where I know I will spend eternity worshipping Him. It does not make your life perfect, but it allows you to have a perspective that, at the end of the day, Christ will be coming to take us to be with Him forever. That is something that gets me excited.