Reggie Kelly

Reggie Kelly

When I was eight years old I stood before the church confessing the Lord Jesus as my Savior. I believed, but I also decided that I wanted to be cool. I believed there was no way I could live for Jesus and at the same time fit in with my peers. I pushed Jesus aside for the sake of popularity.

Whatever it took for me to increase my status, I did it, regardless of how bad. And it worked well. Everybody loved me and I was the Big Dawg in my town.

I received a scholarship to play football at Mississippi State University. No one knew me on the campus and since I had the formula to popularity, I knew the exact buttons to push to win over my new MSU family. I increased my deception to gain their approval. But as time progressed, I would try something bad and be on a high, and a couple of days later I would be down. I finally decided to try Jesus and He spoke some profound words to my heart. He said, “Reggie, you can be the coolest kid in the world, but if you don’t have Me in the center of your life, you’ll always be empty inside. There will always be a void in your heart.”

I rededicated my life to the Lord and now it’s cool to have a friend who laid down His life on the cross so that I might have life with Him. Jesus is that friend.