Taber Spani

Taber Spani

I was told that I might never play basketball again. During my junior year of high school, doctors were concerned that a medical issue I was experiencing would keep me from competing. This was difficult news as I loved basketball and it was such an important part of my life; I had competed with USA basketball and was hoping to play in college and the WNBA. Sport was significant in my family, too, as my father played in the NFL, my mom’s father was a college football coach, and my four sisters played basketball.

During this medical uncertainty, I felt that God was bringing me through a test to see if I would be willing to lay down basketball by trusting my complete self to Him. If I were not able to play, would I still love Him? It was the hardest thing that I had ever experienced, but I chose to trust and follow God even if I did not have basketball. I was cleared to play again, and I believe that playing for the University of Tennessee is a gift.

I could not have endured that difficult time had it not been for the foundation of my faith. The best decision I have ever made was to give my life to Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. I have learned that as we surrender everything to Him – ourselves and our dreams included – He is there with us. It is my desire to fall deeper in love with Jesus every day. It is one of my life passions to see others experience this same life and hope.

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Photos courtesy University of Tennesee Athletics