Kellie Wells

Kellie Wells

I spent a lot of time in church as a child and faith was instilled in me from a young age. But I think it’s really as an adult that we have to choose our own paths. I’ve been through a lot of stuff in life and could have ended up in terrible places if it wasn’t for God choosing me, and choosing my life, and placing me in a good environment.

So I just trust Him, and I love Him. I know I haven’t always been this – I haven’t always been good. Everybody makes mistakes, and everybody sins. But I realize how good God is to me, when He doesn’t really have to be. He set a plan for us, we have a book (the Bible) that tells us exactly how to live, and how life is supposed to be. It’s really hard to follow all the time. But God keeps me when I haven’t kept myself. And that’s an amazing feeling.

I used to worry a lot about things like, “Am I going to do well (in my sport)? What’s going to happen?” I know now that whatever path I’m on is already set; it’s done. So me worrying or stressing about it isn’t going to make it any different. As long as I keep living right and praying and staying in the Word (the Bible), God will give me all the gifts in my heart that I ask of Him.

I know that no matter what, if I choose to be or not, I’m a role model because I’m in a unique place right now. There are so many kids and young girls and boys that look up to me. So I let people know, like it or not, I love God. I love Jesus. And I thank Him for the life that He’s given me everyday. I openly thank Him.

Photos courtesy of Kirby Lee/Image of Sport.